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How To Fix A Buried Penis?

Just found that your member down there is practically gone? We hear, nightmare!! But this is an actual serious condition and is called a buried penis or a hidden penis.

A buried penis happens when the penis is covered with excess skin or with a layer of fat in the pubic area or scrotum( the sac of skin that contains the testicles).

To make it simple, when the penis is itself not able to extend outside the body then the problem is known as a buried penis. The opening area where the penis would normally hang,  & normally the head is plush with skin, but outside the body, there is no visible shaft.

If you are facing this issue, it’s worth being concerned about. As acquired buried penis in adults has become an increasingly common problem. We are seeing more men in our clinic today suffering from this issue than we have ever seen in the past.

Causes of Buried Penis

  • Obesity is a major cause, as excessive fat may cover the penis. 
  • The issue can also be a case of circumcision gone wrong. 
  • It can also result from swelling of the scrotum caused by excess buildup of lymph fluid that can bury the penis. 

Here Are Some of its Dreading Effects

  • Limits penetrative sex, obviously!!
  • Sometimes men also complain of being unable to control urination and fall prey to dribbling and incontinence of urine. 
  • It also makes it tough for that area to keep clean. To keep the area clean you have to pee by sitting down & when you do that there is a possibility that you can urinate on yourself. And because the area remains wet, this makes it very hard to maintain genital hygiene. It can lead to bacterial and fungal infection on the soft tissues and urinary tract.
  • Psychological issues such as depression & low self-esteem are inevitable as the person loses self-confidence and generates depreciating values about oneself. The psychological issues are also a result of deteriorating sexual relationships.
  • It can also lead to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and phimosis.

Freaked Out Enough? Need Not To Be Buried Penis Can Be Treated.

While weight loss may look like the most obvious cure for those who have a buried penis, many men have significant remaining prepubic fat that would benefit only from surgical repair. 

The various surgical options available are used to:

  • Correct scarring
  • Remove excessive abdominal skin or fat- Suprapubic Liposuction
  • Get rid of the fat pad located above the pubic area
  • Suspensory ligament division
  • Repair skin damage (including grafting skin to the shaft when necessary)
  • Penile reconstruction

Successful surgery for a buried penis can make a profound difference in the life of a person facing the condition. Sexual problems and problems with urination are also often eliminated. 

Our experts at IASH India have not only successfully worked on correcting the size and function of the penis but also on treating infections and skin damage, which is also very crucial. With patient satisfaction as our core value, we have always been able to make our patients leave with a big satisfied smile.

If you are facing this condition, schedule an assessment with one of our experts today to gain back your confidence and sexual health control.

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