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Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms Diagnosis & Treatment

What is Erectile Dysfunction(ED)?

Erectile Dysfunction(स्तंभन दोष) is the inability to keep or get a penile erection. For people suffering from this sexual problem, the erection hardly happens, or if it happens, it lasts only for a few minutes.

There are many erectile dysfunction causes like psychological stress or physical impotence. This sexual performance dysfunction is common among men above 40 years. The potential causes of erectile dysfunction need to be timely diagnosed so that you can get the right treatment.

As Erectile Dysfunction often leads to dissatisfaction in sexual life, it is also the primary cause of mental trauma among men. Many marriages are reportedly broken due to this poor performance of men.

Erectile Dysfunction cases are seen daily increasing, there are more than 10 million cases per year. But it can get treated blow in the article you will get detailed knowledge about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is a sexual problem in which it is hard to keep an erection enough for sex or maintain while doing sexual activities. ED can be a regular activity while having sex so if you can facing such a problem, then you should visit IASH India to get consultation from the best Sexologist in Jaipur.

There are certain myths about sexual problems in men and performance in society. Myths are more dangerous than actual diseases sometimes! It’s time our community must get rid of such illogical myths, which create a lot of worries and hamper scientific management of real ailments.

It is important we acknowledge our signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction on time so that we can take timely treatment. A man suffering from erectile dysfunction will experience one or many of these significant symptoms:

  • You miss getting an erection
  • Even if he gets an erection, he is not able to maintain it for a long duration
  • There is very little sexual desire
  • The person is feeling depressed and has anxiety

What Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

What are Erectile Dysfunction Causes?

The primary cause of the problem is considered to be a psychological problem. Any person suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and fear may find it hard to enjoy intimate moments.
In some cases, smoking, and drugs have also been considered common causes of erectile Dysfunction.

According to the research study, “25% of Men Who Seek ED Care Are Under the Age of 40.”

It is a myth to assume that erection dysfunction is inevitable while aging. The major reason why anyone suffers from erection problems is uneven or improper blood flow in the penis. While the fact about Ed is that when a man is at the age of 40, he might face diabetes problems or bp problems, which may also affect the proper blood flow and can also lead to an erection problem.

There can be many causes of the erectile dysfunction which can affect your relationship with your partner. Some of the Common causes of Erectile Dysfunction are mentioned below:

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep disorders
  • Smoking
  • Drug

The other major cause of ED among 40-year-old men is atherosclerosis – hardening of the arteries. In atherosclerosis, arteries are blocked, which makes proper blood flow difficult. Adequate blood flow is a prerequisite for erection, and e improper blood flow may restrict performance.

The primary cause of the problem is considered to be a psychological problem. Any person suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and fear may find it hard to enjoy intimate moments. Still there are some questions many people ask about Causes of ED like:

  • Can smoking cause Erectile Dysfunction?

    Smoking is a bad habit affecting your lungs. It can also change your performance. If you are addicted to smoking, then you might face problems related to erection and ejaculation.

  • Is diabetes one leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

    Performance dysfunction (ED) is a common problem for diabetic men. In fact, diabetic men are four times more likely to develop ED than those without diabetes.

  • Erectile Dysfunction and performance anxiety related?

    A man with sexual performance anxiety worries about his sexual function or his ability to please his partner sexually. He might have questions like these:

    • Will I be able to get a firm erection?
    • Will I ejaculate too quickly?
    • Will I have an orgasm?
    • Does my partner find me attractive?
    • Is my penis big enough?
    • Am I sexually skilled enough?
    • Will my partner reach orgasm?
    • What will happen if my partner is not sexually satisfied?

Erectile Dysfunction is the most common cause due to psychological disruption. And the best treatment for it is to consult a sexologist who can provide relationship counseling and proper medication to cure ED problems.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis & Test

Erectile dysfunction test or self-testing is usually done when you feel embarrassed to talk to your doctor. The self-testing is done through the device Rigiscan. The process of diagnosis through the device is complicated and can often mislead. Hence it is advisable to consult the andrologist and get it tested.

When you visit IASH, we conclude patients with erectile Dysfunction through physical examination, blood test, and urine test. In some cases, we also prescribe sonography and therapies according to the symptoms and causes.

So, at last, we would conclude that Erectile Dysfunction is normal. It is one of the main sexual problems faced by men.
Many people have been using viagra pills to increase their performance level, but the latest study shows that they have harmful side effects. Whereas with some revolutionary treatments like shock wave therapy, we can permanently cure this inability without any side effects. Sex therapies and Vaccum external devices are also some medical help that can help in the proper erection. Apart from that, certain eating habits and exercises have also helped many to improve their performance.

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Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

At IASH, we provide erectile dysfunction treatment like revolutionary penile rejuvenation therapy treatment that can help the patient permanently fix the problems. Our German technology shock wave therapy has proven to cure ED problems effectively. Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH), India is one of the most exceptional hospitals where patients suffering from ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, ED get their first Consultation from our experts (Andrologist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist, sex doctor, sex specialist).

Natural Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:

By keeping a healthy lifestyle and timely checking on other health conditions, you can easily prevent erectile Dysfunction naturally.

Erectile Dysfunction is so common that there are more than a million Google searches daily to determine its cure. People would often ask,

  • Can Erectile Dysfunction be Naturally Treated?
  • Are there any exercises to help us with ED problems?
  • Can particular food help us to treat ED?
  • What are the home remedies to enhance performance?

By keeping a healthy lifestyle and timely checking on other health conditions you have, you can easily prevent Erectile Dysfunction. There are certain sets of exercises and yoga for erectile dysfunction that can help you relax your pelvic floor muscles and improve performance. The daily intake of the Mediterranean diet, which includes lots of plants and whole grains, will also keep a proper check on your blood flow and help you maintain your erection for a more extended period.

These are time-tested ways to improve your performance where it matters the most. Watch the video on tips to improve performance. Kegel exercises, pilates, and aerobics are the most effective erectile dysfunction exercises (स्तंभन दोष व्यायाम) .

A proper erectile dysfunction food diet and a healthy lifestyle will surely help to treat Ed in a natural way. A Mediterranean diet and more Food rich in Vitamin A is good for producing good sex hormones or increasing sex drive(Aphrodisiac). Food rich in Vitamin C to help blood circulation and stamina(Flavonols). Food rich in Antioxidant to relax blood vessels (Nitric- oxide)

Home Remedies to Treat ED

  • Exercise- Intense Aerobic exercises for at least 30-45 minutes daily can significantly improve your erections. It could be cycling, running, high intensity interval training, cardio and strength training etc.
  • Lifting weights- Lifting heavy weights under proper guidance and working out on your major muscles like back, chest and legs can increase testosterone levels and in turn enhance your erections.
  • Mediterranean diet- Eating primarily plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts
  • Sleep for at- least 7-8 hours in a stretch
  • MEDITATION for at least 10-15 mins daily- It will increase your concentration and ability to control. It can also help you in getting better erections.
  • YOGA- There are a few yoga poses which have proven to have enhance erections. You can find out about those yoga poses in our Exercise chart.
  • Stop smoking- Smoking negatively impacts the blood flow not only to your penis but to other body parts as well.
  • Get rid of addictions- Alcohol, Porn, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Drugs etc- Consult a de addiction specialist
  • De stress yourself- Take a vacation, do something which you like to do, stay away from social media for some time in a day, develop a simple hobby like cooking, gardening, writing etc.
  • Surprise your partner- Do something special for her- Surprise candle light dinner, sing a song for her, make a dish for her, take her out somewhere, do any activity together etc.
  • Lose weight- Losing weight will reduce your estrogen levels and increase testosterone levels and thus enhance your erections.
  • Take it easy when you’re thrusting- Slow, soft non vigorous sexual activity i5 important to avoid any injury to your penis.
  • Use a penis ring if you want to.
  • Take medicines for erections as prescribed your doctor on time and regularly.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can Erectile dysfunction treatments mix?
Ans. All the treatment depends on the cause of your ed, if the doctor feels that the treatment needs a combination of therapy, devices, and medication then yes you can mix the treatment.

Q2. How can I know that the ed is not mental but physical?
Ans. Knowing that the issue is mental or physical is hard to know. But it is mostly through physical causes.

Q3. Can ED be also because of worrying too much?
Yes, worrying too much about ED to happen can also lead to it. This is known as performance anxiety and it can happen to anyone. You can get treated with medicines and proper education.

Q4. Ed can happen because of any drug?
Ans. Yes, changing any medicine can be a cause of ED. Before changing or replacing any medication you should consult to doctor because they know better. Because knowing every medicine’s positive as well as negative side is important for you and your body’s health.

Q5. What is the average stamina for a man in bed?
Ans. Stamina can mean many things, but when it comes to sex, it often refers to how long you can last in bed. For males, the average time between the sheets is anywhere from two to five minutes. For females, it’s a bit longer about 20 minutes before reaching the big O.

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