What are Pelvic Floor Exercises | How to Perform It and Their Benefits?

What are Pelvic Floor Exercises | How to Perform It and Their Benefits?

Pelvic floor exercises are also generally and commonly also called kegel exercises. These exercises help you to strengthen your bladder and lower abdomen area, vagina and penis. Everyone can have various benefits of doing these exercises daily. Also, they have various positive effects while you are pregnant too. These exercises will reduce your after-effects or after pregnancy inconvenience you. Also, a lot of men and women; have experienced it by themselves that if you do these exercises on a daily basis; then you also get stronger orgasms and are able to enjoy the sexual activity a lot more. This exercise also helps the men who are dealing with Erectile Dysfunction; as it directly strengthens the pelvic area.

How to perform Pelvic floor exercises-

To start with kegel or pelvic floor exercises, the first step is to find your pelvic muscles. So, for this just try to stop urinating in the middle; the muscles which allow you to do it; are your pelvic floor muscles which you need to tone. So choose your favourite ones from the below exercises and do them on daily basis to see effective results.

1. Kegels exercise-

This exercise can be easily done at home and you do not need an instructor to do them. However in the beginning you may take some time to get a hang of it. But by the right practice, you will master it. To do this exercise at home, all you need is a  yoga mat.

  1. You start with sitting in a comfortable position; and close your eyes and concentrate on the muscles which help you stop urine.
  2. Next you should try to tighten to these muscles as much you can.
  3. You need to hold this position for a minimum of 3-5 seconds. And it should make you feel that the muscles are lifting because of the squeezing.
  4. Then gently release your position and relax for a while.
  5. You should do this exercise for at least 10 repetitive times for 3 sets daily to see results.

You can also do this exercise while you stand or lie down as you find it comfortable.

2. Squeeze and Release-

This exercise helps the pelvic floor exercises to respond very quickly-

  1. To start with it, you should sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Next step is to visualize your pelvic floor muscles and fell them.
  3. You now have to squeeze these muscles very rapidly and also release them without holding a contraction.
  4. You should rest for 3-5 seconds after each set.
  5. Perform this exercise for 10 to 15 sets a day.
  6. Also, try to do at least 3 to 4 sets everyday.

3. Bridge pose exercise-

This exercise mainly targets the buttocks of the person; however, it is also useful in pelvic floor exercises. To start with the exercise, follow the steps which are given below-

  1. Lie down on a yoga mat, put your feet flat on the floor as you bend your knees. Also keep your palms on the sides while they face down on the floor.
  2. Now make an attempt to contract your buttocks, and pelvic floor muscles. Also, you should try to lift the buttocks a several inches above from the ground.
  3. You now need to hold this position for 4 to 10 seconds.
  4. Now first relax the pelvic floor and buttock muscles.
  5. And then slowly lower your buttock and come in a comfortable position.
  6. Perform the exercise for at least 10 times in a set; and should perform 3 sets daily.
  7. Also make sure to rest in between the sets .

Once you get the way to do the exercise it becomes easy to do, and you may do more than 3 sets in a day.

4. Squats-

This is another helpful exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles; especially in children. So, you should definitely start with doing squats; however, if you become comfortable with Kegels. Then you should perform bridge position and standing Kegels.

To start with the squat exercise. Follow the steps which are given below-

  1. Stand in a position, where your feet is width apart from each other. And are completely flat on the floor.
  2. Then bend your knees a little; so that you buttocks are going towards the floor. You should go low only as much it is comfortable for you.
  3. You should keep your back straight, but a little tilted in forward direction. Your knees should align with your toes at all times.
  4. Try and focus on buttock and pelvic floor muscles while you return to the standing position.
  5. This exercise should be done at least for 10 times in a set.
  6. Repeat at least 2-3 sets and make sure you rest before each one.

Above are some of the exercises which anyone can easily do at home and strengthen their pelvic floor area.

Benefits of Pelvic Floor exercises-

  1. By daily performing these exercises you give better support to your bladder, uterus and bowels.
  2. After a lot of researches, the researchers say that a healthy life and quality life can be seen in people with healthy pelvic floor function.
  3. Pelvic floor exercises can also add a advantage in your sex life.
  4. By doing these exercises regularly, you can also reduce the problem of Erectile dysfunction and also solve ejaculation problems in you.
  5. Women feel better pleasure and orgasms during intercourse; if they indulge in these exercises on a regular basis.
  6. These exercises also is a treatment to the overactive bladder issues.
  7. The people who suffer from the problem of pelvic floor collapse; can reduce these symptoms like the back pain, urinary leakage, pelvic pressure etc.

Take Away-

A lot of men and women all around the globe are dealing with a lot of intimate problems; in this generation. Thus, these kegel and pelvic floor exercises can help you to go through them and deal better with them.

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