Different ways to Increase Sperm Count? All Things You Need to Know

Different ways to Increase Sperm Count? All Things You Need to Know

If you have been trying a lot; but have not been able to conceive for long. Then do not worry, as infertility is a much more common issue among men; then you can think. Also, by using the right techniques it is possible for men suffering from low sperm count to increase sperm count it. Almost every 6th couple suffers from the issue of infertility every now and then. However all the causes of infertility are not every time treatable, but just by using the right techniques you can treat infertility to a larger extent, and can boost your chances. This article shows some exclusive ways which can help everyone suffering from low sperm count problems how to increase sperm count naturally.

How to Increase Sperm Count-

These few ways if you practice every day; will surely help you with all your infertility issues. So dive in the well and practice them daily to get visible results.

1. Exercise Daily-

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is very nice generally, but by practising exercise on a daily basis you can also increase your testosterone level. A lot of researches thus show that the men who are active and exercise on a regular basis have rich semen quality and high testosterone levels in them.

However, also make sure that you do not overdo it; as this may also lead to reducing the testosterone levels in you. You should also have zinc supplements on a regular basis to control it.

But, if you somehow feel that you have been keeping too inactive. Then indulging yourself in some physical exercise is the right idea; to increase sperm count and testosterone levels.

2. Get the right amount of Vitamin C-

As everyone knows Vitamin C highly helps in boosting the immune system. Some researches show that it is even effective for infertility. You can also suffer from oxidative stress, which can harm your body in a bad way. Also, people with this high Oxidative stress are more prone to chronic diseases, inflammation and injuries. Thus, by taking Vitamin C you can also control this stress.

Also, vitamin C is extremely powerful in improving sperm count and reducing the number of damaged sperm. So, try this easy way out by adding citrus fruits like lemon or having oranges daily in your diet to see the visible change.

3. Manage your stress-

One more important factor which can help you improve your fertility is managing stress. As your emotional quotient directly affects your fertility directly. Also, if you suffer from a chronic stressful lifestyle; it can have harsh and bad effects on your testosterone levels.

The doctor may suggest you take oral medications for chronic stress; however mild stress can be controlled by practising meditation, exercising and spending quality time with your friends.

4. Take Vitamin D-

This is one of the easiest ways to help you manage your infertility. Also, it boosts your testosterone levels too high amounts. Also, some studies show that men who have low testosterone levels also have a deficiency of Vitamin- D.

However, a study which was conducted on 65 men of the U.S.A with low testosterone levels and low fertility showed that. After giving all of the Vitamin D3 tablets for a year; their fertility rates got better by 25 per cent.

5. Take Fenugreek-

According to a study the men who took fenugreek, on a daily basis; helped men to shed their fat faster, increased their strength and helped in their testosterone levels.

Also, a study showed that 60 men were given 600 grams of fenugreek daily and the results were surprising. As it increased their strength, libido and sexual performance.

The study was also proved by another group of 120 men; who took 600 mg of fenugreek daily for 3 months improved the problem of Erectile dysfunction in them. And also helped them in their sexual activity.

6. Try Ashwagandha-

People have been using ashwagandha since ancient times as a medicinal herb. But studies now show that the herb also helps in boosting testosterone in men. According to research if a man takes 675 grams of Ashwagandha every day with mil; they can see a significant improvement in their fertility in merely 3 months.

Also, to prove the statement; a study was conducted on 75 men; who were asked to consume ashwagandha daily. After a while, they were able to see a significant change in their strength, placebo, muscle mass etc.

7. Take Zinc Supplements-

Zinc is one of the main minerals; and seafood, eggs, meat and fish have very high amounts of it. But the fact which a lot of people do not know is that it also helps infertility. As zinc supplements help improve sperm count and the testosterone levels of men. Also, if the sperm count in you is low because of excessive exercise then; you can take zinc supplements to improve that condition also.

However, it is better to talk to a doctor before indulging any extra supplements in your diet.

8. Take Maca Root-

Maca root is very helpful in improving your sexual performance and libido level. So, taking 1.5 to 3 grams of dried maca roots can be very helpful in increasing the libido and also to get the desired sexual desire. Also, there are no side effects of the roots on the body or hormone levels. Thus, you can take the dried mecca roots for 3 months continuously; to see the desired results.

Take Away-

If a man suffers from low sperm count; then he can be responsible for infertility in the couple. So to help you out from this problem you can; either choose to take the supplements and change your lifestyle for a bit. Or you can use Assistive reproductive technologies to conceive a baby. Whichever option is good for you.

However, a lot of men suffer from a lot of intimate and sexual problems. Thus, if you are one of them and you want a permanent and affordable solution for it. You can try the online portal of IASH India. All you need to do is to choose the disease you suffer from and then order your desired products.

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