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Why so many newly married couples in India fail to have sex?

Why so many newly married couples in India fail to have sex?

Non-consummation relation means that couples are either unable to have successful sexual intercourse because of extreme fear of failure and not having enough confidence for performing intercourse or penetrative sex. In other words, the inability of a married couple to enter into the physical relationship of sexual intercourse. In these cases, it is important to perform a physical examination of both the partners male and female presenting with unconsummated marriages in order to diagnose or exclude physical disease or any physical cause. In addition, the functional abnormality of vaginismus (it is a condition involving a muscle spasm or tightening of pelvic floor muscles which makes it painful, difficult, or impossible to have sexual intercourse) can be ruled out with the help of a gynaecologist and psychologist. The assessment of emotional factors in women is equally important for a better understanding of their attitudes of shame (early traumatic childhood experiences) or disgust or resistance during vaginal examination by the doctor or by themselves and that may have a greater impact on their married life which ultimately leads to non-consummation.

Various Factors That Leads to Non-Consummationrelation.

  1. Fear of sexual act includes performance anxiety
  2. Lack of emotional intimacy between the partner
  3. Vaginismus (unbearable cramps at the time of intercourse)
  4. Erection related problems and other male sexual dysfunction like Premature Ejaculation
  5. Less lubrication in the female
  6. Lack of arousal
  7. Inappropriate information and misconceptions rooted earlier in the childhood
  8. Painful intercourse experiences
  9. Various psychological problems (sexual abuse in childhood)

Treatment Approach Towards The Non-Consummation

1. Proper physical examination by Andrologist.

2. Medication to deal with the major male sexual dysfunctions

3. Sex therapy and Marital Therapy

Therapies that deliberately focus on marital interaction can provide opportunities for the couple to treat each other’s sexual difficulties through a mutual process of physical and emotional discovery and adaptation. Some partners, whose sexual relations are determined by idealizations against shared prohibitions, or by projections onto each other of hated aspects of themselves are locked in false positions and with the help from the best sexologist in Delhi can resolve those issues.

4. Sex therapy and pharmacotherapy

helps the couples to consummate(Have sex) and can lead to a pleasurable and successful sexual life with sufficient emotional intimacy.