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  • Why so many newly married couples in India fail to have sex?

    Why so many newly married couples in India fail to have sex?

    Non-consummation relation means that couples are either unable to have successful sexual intercourse because of extreme fear of failure and not having enough confidence for performing intercourse or penetrative sex. In other words, the inability of a married couple to enter into the physical relationship of sexual intercourse. In these cases, it is important to perform a physical examination of both the partners male and female presenting with unconsummated marriages in order to diagnose or exclude physical disease or any physical cause. In addition, the functional abnormality of vaginismus (it is a condition involving a muscle spasm or tightening of pelvic floor muscles which makes it painful, difficult, or impossible to have sexual intercourse) can be ruled out with the help of a gynaecologist and psychologist. The assessment of emotional factors in women is equally important for a better understanding of their attitudes of shame (early traumatic childhood experiences) or disgust or resistance during vaginal examination by the doctor or by themselves and that may have a greater impact on their married life which ultimately leads to non-consummation.

    Various Factors That Leads to Non-Consummationrelation.

    1. Fear of sexual act includes performance anxiety
    2. Lack of emotional intimacy between the partner
    3. Vaginismus (unbearable cramps at the time of intercourse)
    4. Erection related problems and other male sexual dysfunction like Premature Ejaculation
    5. Less lubrication in the female
    6. Lack of arousal
    7. Inappropriate information and misconceptions rooted earlier in the childhood
    8. Painful intercourse experiences
    9. Various psychological problems (sexual abuse in childhood)

    Treatment Approach Towards The Non-Consummation

    1. Proper physical examination by Andrologist.

    2. Medication to deal with the major male sexual dysfunctions

    3. Sex therapy and Marital Therapy

    Therapies that deliberately focus on marital interaction can provide opportunities for the couple to treat each other’s sexual difficulties through a mutual process of physical and emotional discovery and adaptation. Some partners, whose sexual relations are determined by idealizations against shared prohibitions, or by projections onto each other of hated aspects of themselves are locked in false positions and with the help from the best sexologist in Delhi can resolve those issues.

    4. Sex therapy and pharmacotherapy

    helps the couples to consummate(Have sex) and can lead to a pleasurable and successful sexual life with sufficient emotional intimacy.

    FAQs - Dr. Chirag Bhandari

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Who is Sexologist Doctor?

    A1. A sexologist is a medical professional who specializes in the field of sexual health. I am Dr. Chirag Bhandari, a sexologist, and I have dedicated my career to diagnosing and treating various sexual health issues.

    Q2. How to identify a Best Sexologist?

    A2. To identify a top sexologist, consider their credentials, experience, specialization, patient reviews, and your personal comfort. I have extensive experience in treating sexual health issues and am dedicated to providing the best care possible.

    Q3. Why Choose Dr. Chirag Bhandari for the treatment of your Sexual Problems?

    A3. Choosing Dr. Chirag Bhandari means choosing a dedicated and experienced sexologist who is committed to addressing your sexual health concerns. My clinic provides personalized care and effective treatment options.

    Q4. What is the Consultation Fee at Dr. Chirag Bhandari's Clinic?

    A4. Consultation fees at my clinic may vary. Please contact my clinic directly for specific information about fees and payment options.

    Q5. What is the duration of time slot for a Consultation at Dr. Chirag Bhandari's Clinic?

    A5. The duration of a consultation can vary depending on the nature of your concerns. Initial consultations may take longer as we gather essential information about your condition.

    Q6. Do I pay every time I undergo a Consultation?

    A6. Consultation fees are typically charged for each visit. However, we may offer package deals or discounts for multiple consultations. Please inquire at the clinic for more details.

    Q7. Do I need to Book an Appointment on the Scheduler of Website for an Online Consultation?

    A7. Yes, for online consultations, it is advisable to book an appointment through our clinic's website scheduler. This helps ensure you receive dedicated time for your consultation.

    Q8. I wish to proceed with an Online Consultation, what are the Steps ahead?

    A8. To proceed with an online consultation, visit our clinic's website and use the appointment scheduling system to book a convenient time. You'll receive further instructions via email or phone.

    Q9. Can masturbation have a negative impact on my overall health?

    A9. Masturbation is generally considered a normal and healthy sexual activity. However, excessive or compulsive masturbation may lead to physical or psychological issues. It's essential to maintain a balanced approach to ensure it doesn't interfere with your well-being.

    Q10. Is Sexual Disorders common?

    A10. Yes, sexual disorders are relatively common, and they can affect people of all ages. It's essential to seek professional help if you're experiencing any sexual health concerns.

    Q11. What are the Sexual problems that you Providing the treatment in clinic?

    A11. I provide treatment for a wide range of sexual problems, including but not limited to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, sexually transmitted infections, and more. Feel free to discuss your specific concerns during the consultation.

    Q12. How long does it take to get rid of premature ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction?

    A12. The duration of treatment for premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction varies depending on the individual's condition and the chosen treatment plan. It can take several weeks to several months to see improvements. We'll discuss this during your consultation.

    Q13. I am suffering with Penile Infections/ Balanitis/ Balanoposthitis/ STDs/ STIs/ Phimosis/ Paraphimosis.

    A13. Penile infections and related conditions require careful evaluation and treatment. I can help diagnose and provide appropriate treatment options based on your specific condition during a consultation.

    Q14. I am suffering with Sexual Dysfunction, what do I expect in my consultation?

    A14. In a sexual dysfunction consultation, you can expect a thorough assessment of your medical history, a physical examination, and a discussion of your symptoms and concerns. We'll work together to create a personalized treatment plan.

    Q15. What is a Level 1 Consultation for patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction?

    A15. The meaning of "Level 1" consultations can vary. At my clinic, a Level 1 consultation may involve an initial assessment and diagnosis of your sexual dysfunction. Specific details will be provided during your visit.

    Q16. What is a Level 2 Consultation for patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction?

    A16. A Level 2 consultation may involve a more in-depth assessment, additional testing, or a review of your progress. This level is determined based on your specific needs and the nature of your condition.

    Q17. I have already had so many bad and failed experiences with previous Clinics/ Doctors in my City/ Country, how do I trust Dr. Chirag Bhandari?

    A17. I understand your concerns. Trust is essential. I am dedicated to providing the best care possible, and I encourage you to read patient reviews and testimonials to gain confidence in my expertise. My goal is to help you achieve the best results.

    Q18. What are all the payment options available at Dr. Chirag Bhandari's Clinic?

    A18. We accept various payment options, including cash, credit/debit cards, and health insurance in some cases. Please inquire at the clinic for specific details about payment methods.

    Q19. Is the Consultation Fee/ Online Assessment Fee/ Treatment Fee Refundable or Transferable?

    A19. The refund and transfer policies for consultation fees, online assessments, and treatment fees can vary. Please discuss these policies with our clinic staff to understand your options.

    Q20. Can I get an approximate idea of the cost of the treatment?

    A20. The cost of treatment can vary widely depending on the specific condition and the treatment plan. We'll discuss treatment costs during your consultation, and our team will provide you with an estimate based on your individual needs.