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9 Best Sex Positions for Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Best Sex Positions: The beginning is promising; you become erect and thrilled, but after a (too) brief period, the hardness vanishes. You feel you have betrayed your relationship. An erection that is difficult to keep strong enough for satisfactory sexual contact may signify mild erectile dysfunction (ED).

Most guys are unaware that it is still possible to have Sex with a penis that is only partially erect. The only thing left is locating the proper stance and angle.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the term used to describe the inability of a man to sustain or develop a penile erection (ED). The erection rarely occurs for those with this sexual issue, or if it does, it only lasts a short time.

Erectile dysfunction can be brought on by a variety of factors, such as physical or mental dysfunction. This issue with sexual performance is common in men over the age of 40. To receive the best care at IASH Jaipur, the potential reasons for erectile dysfunction must be promptly diagnosed.

The leading cause of emotional stress in males is erectile dysfunction, frequently resulting in sexual life dissatisfaction. According to reports, many marriages break due to men’s weak performance in bed. However, many sex positions can solve this performance issue, even in the case of erectile dysfunction. So, let’s check out some of the best sex positions for men with erectile dysfunction.

9 Best Sex Position

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl the best sex positions for a man with Erectile Dysfunction. In this position, the woman is on top, turned away from the male, and is visually and physically arousing. This allows the body to remain at ease while lying flat and encourages robust blood flow to the penis and gives you longer sex time on the bed. 

Reverse cowgirl may be the best position to witness full penetration because it allows for tremendous friction, as well as allowing you to grasp, touch, and rock your partner on top of your penis while squeezing and working your pelvic muscles.

Doggy Style

A standard sexual posture is another best sex positions for a man with ED. For many years—possibly centuries—it has been the topic of songs and jokes. It also happens to be one of the best intercourse positions for guys with ED. By tightening and using your pelvic muscles in this posture, you may control how quickly or slowly your penis thrusts while ensuring that its head and shaft are physically aroused. Most essential, this position promotes relaxation and makes it simple for blood to reach the penis.

Women on Top

The term “woman on top” describes one of the best sex positions for men with ED. In contrast, to reverse cowgirl, the woman is facing you in this sex position. You can see your spouse, observe penetration, and get a lot of visual arousal. You can relax and enjoy watching the woman’s breasts go up and down while having your hands free to massage her clitoral region while still being able to view the base of your manhood.


The spoon position enables you to have the most physical contact possible by placing your woman or spouse in front of you and yourself, lying down next to each other. You may touch every area of your partner’s body while in this posture, ensuring good blood flow throughout the body and manhood, keeping you in control, and producing high physical and visual excitement. Not only can you observe how you enter and exit your partner’s space, but you can also regulate your thrusting speed while still being at ease.

Oral Sex

Oral Sex is another best way to satisfy your partner if you have erectile dysfunction. It is not considered a sex position but benefits the man with ED. Before engaging in sexual activity, oral sex might help you awaken and calm your body. It can also allow you to take a breather, try to arouse yourself, or enjoy your partner if you start to feel ED during Intercourse. Don’t forget to include top-notch sex toys in your romantic endeavours. You can benefit the most from your bedtime with their help.

The Cross

The cross might be right for a man with ED. If you want to keep to yourself but still get it on. Lie on your side with the penetrating partner facing you. Your body should form a “T” shape at both crotches while you lay on your back with your legs bent perpendicular to each other.

The cross opens up new chances for fingering, toy play, and deep penetration with a strap-on or penis. This career elevates manual work if you’re not in the mood for unwanted Sex.


Yab-Yum, this position is as similar to the snake track. In this position, the couple is not as near to one another in this posture as they are in Yab Yum. The couple is seated across from one another with their legs intertwined in a “V” form. For leverage and stability, each partner has a hand on the ankles of the other.

For “a shallower and more sensitive penetration, eye contact, intimate whispers, full-body view of one another, intense emotional connection, sharing breath, and foreplay,” according to Leigh, this posture is excellent.

Downward Doggy Style

Downward Doggy Style is also an excellent position to have Sex for a man with Erectile Dysfunction. This position looks like an international symbol. The woman is behind Man. In this position, the woman should start being in a push-up position; first, women should place their hands and feet on the ground and then bend the ass up in the air. 

Hence, Making a straight line from the wrist, through the head and back up to the ass. The woman should spread her legs wider to let him in by acting crazy. Leg bending is another option for height adjustment. This position helps in longer ED and less pain.

Modified Missionary

A missionary position is frequently considered dull, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be among the most suitable sex positions for ED with a minor modification.

The Boy should arrange himself perpendicular to the Girl, not spread out horizontally on top of the Girl. He’ll approach the Girl at a 90-degree angle, increasing pressure on the top of his penis and stimulating your clitoris more (plus for her) (keeping erection harder & longer).

Other Tips on How to have Sex with a man with Erectile Dysfunction

Having Sex with ED involves more than just one particular position. You need to approach Sex with the proper attitude because it involves both mental and physical processes.

Here are a few more sex tips from the pros on having a fulfilling and active love life.

Find Right Time, Right Place

Did you have a tough day at work? Are you experiencing fatigue, worry, or stress?

If so, it is probably not the most significant moment to try having a sexual relationship. Choose a moment when you both have plenty of privacy and are not in a rush.

Build Anticipation

It’s not necessary to initiate foreplay in the bedroom. To make your partner’s heart and mind race, send her a tempting text or photo.

During this conversation, you could also bring up any unmet sexual aspirations.. Look online or in an adult novelty store for accessories or costumes you can use in the bedroom.

Get Comfortable

Is the place too warm or cold? The mattress can be too soft or too firm. Likely, your sexual experience won’t be great if you can’t physically relax. Mainly the cold presents a challenge because it will be more difficult to keep his erection up and sustain blood flow.

Make your bedroom as cosy, soft, and welcoming as you can. Beforehand, take a warm shower together to unwind and stimulate blood flow.

Keep an Eye on your Alcohol Consumption

Yes, a little buzz can make you feel more at ease and improve your sex life. Alcoholism, however, may have the opposite impact. Having an excessive blood alcohol level can worsen ED symptoms.

So feel free to indulge in a beer or wine, but don’t go overboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Position Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

Ans: Yes, Some men find it challenging to have Sex in certain positions, while on the other hand, they can erect in different places. However, Erectile dysfunction can also be brought on by various conditions, including ageing, illness, and performance anxiety. 

Q2. Can a Man with ED Satisfy a Woman?

Ans: yes, if a man has ED, he and his partner can still experience sexual satisfaction and physical intimacy even if your efforts to treat ED are ineffective. It usually responds favourably to diet modification, medicines, surgery, and other treatments. 

Q3. Can a Man with ED Still come?

Ans: Yes, According to the survey, Ninety-two per cent of men with ED were able to ejaculate at least a few times during sexual stimulation or intercourse.

Q4. How does ED Affect your partner?

Ans: The mental health of a person’s relationship is also impacted by ED. ED can cause a person’s partner to feel uncertain, uneasy, unwanted, or suspicious that their spouse might be unfaithful. However, A relationship may suffer from these emotions.

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