First Time Sex Tips for Men in Marriage And Baby Planning

First Time Sex Tips for Men in Marriage And Baby Planning

It doesn’t matter what other people say and think about who you are; from starting till this date, you can use sex tips at any age to improve your sex life with your spouse and satisfy your better half. By knowing some sexual tips, you can achieve satisfying intercourse.

First Time Sex Tips

Having sex for the first time is always unique and memorable for each person, which is why everyone wants to make it memorable. Sex opens up a whole new world to you and helps to create a unique and strong bond with your partner. First-time sex tips can give you a deeper understanding of yourself and your body too.

So to make your first time memorable, here are some sex stamina tips and first time sex tips that you might want to consider for a pain-free and better sexual intercourse:

1. Talk to an experienced one about it

It is always said that before going for anything new, make sure to get some information for that as it gives you more understanding about it and helps you to be confident. Talking to a friend, family, or a doctor and learning from their experience. You might indeed feel sure of it in your mind, but eventually, it will help you process the decision on a broader level.

2. Always be prepared

If anyone has ever said that you don’t have to be prepared for anything new to you and it will come to you naturally, then it’s completely wrong. Being ready for any new thing is always considered the right way to eliminate any future issues that may come up. You can read about sexual intercourse, sexual organs, erogenous zones, and sexually transmitted diseases as well. Make sure you have all the things with you like protection, lubricants, or other things that work for you.

3. Establish Trust

First-time sex can be with a person that you might be thinking of spending the rest of your life with or with a one you might be having a one-time thing only. In both cases, for your physical as well as mental health, having trust between each other is very important. Not only does it make the bond strong, but it also makes the experience better a lot better and more secure. You can share anything that is making you nervous or happy as well.

4. Foreplay is the key

Every person gets nervous before their first time and tries to get it over with nervousness, but you must take your own time with foreplay to spice things up. Compared to men, women take more time to get aroused, which leads to the vagina lubricant naturally. And lubrication makes the first time more gentle and smooth for partners. It also helps in eliminating pain, discomfort, and vaginal cuts too.

5. Consent

The most important thing about sex, whether it is your first time or any other time, is – consent. There might be some people who make a joke about it or try to downplay you. You can reconsider your decision any time you feel unsafe. Stop means Stop and No means NO- it is crucial for both the partner to understand and respect the other one’s decision.

Sex Tips for Marriage

There is no chance that sex can get boring in a long-term marriage. As the year passes by, the intimate relationship with your partner gets healthy and better. By keeping some of the measures and tips, you can keep your sex life exciting and thrilling in the long run. Here are the sex tips for marriage that couples can follow for better sex life:

Sex Tips for Marriage
  • Communication is always a key to better understanding and trust between a couple and their sex life as well. By talking to each other about superficial things, talking about each other’s sexual desires and interests always spice things up. Communication is a key for happy married life as well as makes sex great.
  • Talking confidently and openly about your feelings to your partner will help the other one to meet your expectations and vice versa. Both partners need to share their expectations and desires. Just by sharing what you want in your bedroom and what your desires are can do their work.
  • There are times when married couples can’t take out time to be with each other, even for a day or hours. During that period, it is necessary to take out time and plan sexual encounters to keep the spark alive in the relationship.
  • For keeping the married life happy and happening both mentally and physically, the couple must initiate their physical affection with another one on a regular basis: plan date nights, long drives, or romantic dinners to maintain the love for each other.

Sex Tips for Husband

1. Embrace the Quickie

If you really want to ensure that you’re getting somewhere in sex, then the one thing to think about is by embracing the quickie. Quickie can make sex enjoyable for both partners. You can think of the most convenient positions to imply for the intercourse.

2. Explore the Erogenous Zones

Sex doesn’t mean to jump directly to the genitals in the first go but enjoying every moment. A female has many erogenous zones in her body that excites her for better sexual intercourse. A male partner should know the erogenous parts of his partner to make sex pleasurable for her. Some people think nipple stimulation takes a female directly to orgasm.

3. Entertain different kinds of orgasms

Male usually tend more towards the penile orgasms more than anywhere else, but it is important to know that there are other pleasure centers that exist in a female body (inside and outside). The one prostate that is known to give immense pleasure and orgasm is the “G-Spot”. You can identify various other parts of your partner that make her aroused for better sex time.

4. Trying out toys for her

The majority of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Some females like it strongly while some like mild. If you ever thought about picking a sex toy but took a step back, then it is now the time. Sex toys like a vibrator that doesn’t take much of the pleasure and help give females the intensity required for achieving a pleasurable orgasm during penetration.

5. The Best Foreplay is not inside the bedroom

Not do sex begins in the bedroom, nor it ends there. Keeping up the sexual communication every day with your partner and talking about sexual desires help you make a better bond with your partner. Sending sexy chats in free time or flirting with each other helps you maintain your wife’s relationship.

All of the mentioned sex tips for husbands will make them make a strong sexual bond with their partners.

Tips for How to Improve Sex Stamina

According to the Times of India- “Poor sexual performance can not only make you lose confidence but also results in bad sexual health of both the partners. By opting for a number of habits and natural ways, one can improve their sexual stamina without ending up on medications”. Here are some sex stamina tips for male and female parters that you can follow:

1. Don’t take too much pressure

If you are under pressure about How you will perform? Performance anxiety? Or Will you be able to satisfy your partner? If yes, then there might be a chance that you ruin the whole sex time. Keeping your mind free from unnecessary pressure can help you improve your performance and, ultimately, your sexual stamina as well.

2. Lubrication is always good to go!

Sexual health experts and doctors like Dr. Chirag Bhandari at the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health have stated that lubrication if used in sexual intercourse, makes it last longer than one who didn’t use them. Lubrication guarantees enhance sexual stamina for males and help couples lasts longer in sex time.

 Lubrication is always good to go!

3. Strengthen your Pelvic Muscles

Pelvic muscles play an essential part in your sexual health and sex-life. By strengthening your pelvic muscles, you can improve your sexual endurance and stamina. If you have strong pelvic muscles, then you can satisfy your partner with more incredible stamina.

  • Squats

    Body-weight squats help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region. And if done regularly will increase your stamina for better performance.

  • Kegel Exercises

    One of the best and most-effective exercises for increasing sexual stamina of the pelvic region is Kegels. Not only it increases endurance but also helps in maintaining erections for a longer duration

4. Limit your alcohol intake

A lot of people think that drinking alcohol can make them improve bedtime; then I suppose you might be wrong. Drinking alcohol regularly can make you lazy and lethargic, which might result in erection problems as well. It is advised to avoid drinking if you want to give your partner a pleasurable time and make her happy.

5. Have a healthy diet

Having a healthy and balanced diet is mandatory for a healthy body as well as mind is one of the major sex staimina tips. To build sexual stamina, take a look at what you eat. A well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals will keep you healthy and improve your mental stamina as well.

Here are some foods that can help you increase your sex drive for better performance.

6. Eat protein-rich foods

The protein-rich diet contains necessary amino acids that are needed for the proper functioning of the body sexually. Food rich in proteins is egg white, low-fat milk, chicken, and fish. If you want to increase your endurance power, then eat a protein-rich diet.

Sex Tips for Baby Planning

By following the given sex tips for baby planning, couples can easily convert their pregnany failures into success ones.

Sex Tips for Baby Planning

1. Get off your birth control

If you have been on pills for a long time, then it is time to get rid of it. Take a pass on your pills for a few months before you try to conceive. Once you start going back to normal, it will take you a few cycles to begin ovulating regularly and prepare you for pregnancy.

2. Figure out your fertile period

No matter how many times you get physical with your partner, if you skip the significant days of the month where your eggs are ready to be fertilized, then you won’t get pregnant. Not knowing the exact time of ovulation can make you lose the chance of pregnancy. This is one of the most useful sex tips for baby planing that every couple must apply.

3. Sex before Ovulation

Sperm can stay for around 2 3 days in the uterus and fallopian tubes of a female, but the eggs remain for only 12 to 24 hours after its release. So if a couple has sex before you ovulate, then you get more chances of getting pregnant. At that 12 to 24 time period, the sperm can meet the eggs as soon as it gets in.

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