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IASH: “Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health” is a new state-of-the-art Sexual health and wellness center dedicated to men and their reproductive problems

We have a holistic approach in providing solutions to the various male sexual problem, under one roof. Our founding principle is to treat all our patients equally with compassion. We listen to our patients calmly and maintain their confidentiality with utmost discipline. We take immense pride in practicing evidence-based latest treatments that are reliable and ensure high success rates in curing the problems. Our experts’ team, headed by Dr. Chirag Bhandari experienced Sexologist in Chandigarh, is trained according to the latest international research and findings. We have the latest and updated technology-equipped labs to cure the various male sexual problem in no time. Contact us now for cultivating sexual wellness.

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    What is Andrology?

    Andrology is a medical branch which deals with problems related to a male reproductive system including male fertility.

    penile rejuvenation Specialist

    Penile Rejuvenation

    Improving the life of your penis by proper blood supply by our signature therapy for improved erections. We call it Penis Spa!

    Penile enlargement surgery

    Penis Enlargements

    Penis enlargements refers to augmentation of the penis size in length and width. We have safe and proven surgical and non-surgical methods to do it permanently.

    last long therapy to last long in bed

    Last Long Therapy

    Last long therapy or “Premature Ejaculation therapy” is a protocol devised by a team of professionals at Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health for the treatment and cure of Premature ejaculation.

    PE Treatment with HA Fillers

    PE treatment with HA Fillers

    Glans penis augmentation with HA fillers that have the ability to absorb water to form highly viscous hydrated polymers which is speculated to act as a barrier between sensory nerves in glans penis and external stimuli of touch.

    Couple Therapy/Marriage Therapy/Marriage Counselling

    Couple Therapy

    It’s often called marital therapy or couple counselling. This method focuses on improving and developing healthy communication patterns in between the partners and helps to resolve various interpersonal conflicts.

    pelvic floor rehabilitation

    Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

    Also called as pelvic Gym helps in improving the strength and function of the pelvic floor which plays an important part in erections, ejaculations, bowel and bladder function.

    P Shot for Penile Enhancement

    P Shot for Penile Enhancement

    P Shot (The PRP Treatment) is a drug & surgery-free Erectile Dysfunction Treatment that may enhance your sexual performance and is one of the only non-surgical methods that may increase penis size.


    Choose the Best for Cultivating Sexual wellness

    IASH is a one-stop solution for the betterment of MALE SEXUAL HEALTH containing all facilities under one roof.

    • Professional guidance from trained male sexual health experts (Andrologist).
    • Equipped with, the latest state of the art health equipment.
    • Updated with International standards of andrology related research and findings.
    • A multidisciplinary approach with a strong focus on improving lifestyle.
    • Promoting awareness of various male sexual health issues.
    • Privacy and Anonymity of patient is our priority.
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    100% of people have sexual concerns at some point in their lives. It’s normal. Don’t feel shy to discuss.

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    What Our Patients Say


    Chirag sir is very patient, observant and all ears to your issues.

    Ayushi Vijay

    Experienced Doctor, Understand Everything quite nicely

    Shreyas Sankh

    The treatment was very good i am profoundly satisfied with the consultation traits of dr Chirag Bhandari 👍

    Mukesh Agrawal

    Best sexologist doctor in India Dr chirag bhandari, i love their service very much,
    The hospital staff also very nice

    Prasant Nayak

    thank you so much for help you are best dr with good behaviour and satisfactory facility

    Nitin Vashistha

    Sir my experience was very good and I am totally satisfied and I suggest if any problem-related man heath please contact IASH, Dr.Chirag Bhandari sir.👍👍

    Hindustan construction and mining equipment

    Very good doctor. Understand problems and provides solutions not just with medicines but yoga and exercise as well.

    Mathur Ankit

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