IASH India: Institute of Andrology & Sexual Health India
IASH India: Best Sexologist & Andrologist in Maldives,
IASH India: Best Sexologist & Andrologist in Maldives,

Founder of IASH: Best Male Sexual Health Wellbeing Hospital in Maldives

IASH: “Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health” is a new state-of-the-art Sexual health and wellness center dedicated to men and their reproductive problems.

As a founder of IASH India, sexologist Chirag Bhandari facilitates his hospital for providing modern technology male reproductive organ related treatments like Penis Enlargements, Painful Ejaculation, Penis Foreskin Problems and various causes of male infertility under one roof.

The expert team of Dr Chirag Bhandari is quite handy with the latest international treatment techniques. The hospital has advanced technology equipped labs to cure various male sexual problems.

And after all, his mind-blowing consultancy skills stand him apart from the rest of the sexologists of Maldives.

So call now or book an appointment for later to consult with him regarding every sexual health issue.

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    Sexual Treatments

    penile rejuvenation Specialist

    Penile Rejuvenation Therapy

    Penile Rejuvenation is for improving your penis blood supply for better erections.

    Penile enlargement surgery

    Penis Enlargements Surgery

    Penis enlargements refers to augmentation of the penis size in length and width.

    PE Treatment with HA Fillers

    PE treatment with HA Fillers

    Glans penis augmentation with HA fillers that have the ability to absorb water to form highly viscous.

    pelvic floor rehabilitation

    Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

    Also called as pelvic Gym helps in improving the strength and function of the pelvic floor.

    Psychological Laboratory and doctors

    P Shot for Penile Enhancement

    P Shot (The PRP Treatment) is a non surgical Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for Performance enhancement.

    Psychological Laboratory and doctors

    3 Tesla Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy

    Useful for fracture healing, frozen shoulder, insomnia, depression and Prostate enlargement


    Erectile dysfunction Treatment

    Get the painless, non-invasive, drug-free, safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatment.

    deaddiction treatment center in india

    Premature Ejaculation Treatment

    We provided the best premature ejaculation treatment in India.

    Psychological Laboratory and doctors

    Male Infertility Treatment

    Male infertility is an inability of a man that prevents him to make his partner pregnent.

    Cryosurgery for Premature Ejaculation

    Cryosurgery for Premature Ejaculation

    Cryosurgery is a method for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

    What Our Patients Say

    Dr. Chirag is the best Andrologist in Maldives. He is very friendly, experienced, listens and understands very clearly. Medicine starts working and improvement seen in 3 days. Problem resolved with in a month. Highly recommend for all type of male health issues.

    Vijay Abhishan

    Dr. Chirag is a thorough Gentlemen. Through his immense Experience, knowledge & high qualification, he makes precise diagnosis and treat the patient scientifically. Best part is the humble – kind support team which is available 24×7 & takes regular follow up. I am happy & satisfied after his treatment & highly recommend him. He is the best sexologist in Maldives

    Sushant Patil

    Hi all It’s my pleasure to share my feedback about Chirag sir. The best thing I like him in is the medicine what he proscribes is not costly, and genuine , and effective, I have been taking medicine since last 2 months, to be honest it’s effective .

    Syed Waiz

    I have met the renowned Doctor and his cordiality is exclusive. He takes his time to understand the real problem of the individual and spares his observation with distinctively dedication. His prescribed medicines and yoga ethics have already started helping me. Hope anybody who required any help on Andrology, Dr. Chirag Bhandari can be the best person to consult. Kudos to the institution and Doctor.

    Nilava Biswas

    These sessions are very helpful for all of us. We get a positive vibe after going back from the session. Really helps us to change our mind and work in the right directions. Looking forward to continuing these sessions for our treatment. He is the best sexologist in Maldives and I personally recommend him.


    Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the best Sexologist / Andrologist in Maldives. I wanted to consult with the best and the most recommended sexologist in Maldives to solve my sexual problems. Dr.Chirag Bhandari Clinic IASH offers Best Sexual treatment for common sexual problems.

    Kumarpraveen Tailor

    Best Sexologist in Maldives: Dr Chirag Bhandari Certificates

    why choose these top sexologists in Maldives

    Choose the Best for Cultivating Sexual wellness

    IASH is a one-stop solution for the betterment of MALE SEXUAL HEALTH containing all facilities under one roof.

    • Professional guidance from trained male sexual health experts (Andrologist).
    • Equipped with, the latest state of the art health equipment.
    • Updated with International standards of andrology related research and findings.
    • A multidisciplinary approach with a strong focus on improving lifestyle.
    • Promoting awareness of various male sexual health issues.
    • Privacy and Anonymity of patient is our priority.

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