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How Online Relationship Counselling help with Sexual Problems?


“A couple in relationship talks, discuss and share. They fall apart and then come close stronger than ever. “

This relationship quote talks about Couples solving differences by talking with each other, sharing their perspective, and coming up with a concrete solution that strengthens their falling relationship.

But millennial talks about a long-distance relationship, polyamorous relationship, and open marriages!!! A new phenomenon in relationship counseling. Society is breaking the taboo and progressing toward new awareness.

Marriages are now not made in heaven. Couples choose to be together and mutually agree to take their relationship to another level.

What if they find they are not compatible and their relationship is wrecking down? Their sexual life is not so exciting. There are few signs when marriages are in danger. Acknowledge them !!

Gone are those days when couples will mutely keep dragging the relationship. Now couples are aware, proactive, and vocal. They come out and seek medical help to make things work between them.

One such help to today’s couple is relationship counseling/Couple therapy. Therapy can help to solve sexual problems & other marriage problems.

What is Relationship Counselling?

Couples Therapy also counsels relationships or Marriage Therapy attempts to improve romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Whenever any relationship starts between two people, it is very important to recognize and acknowledge each person differently, their unique personality, perception, set of values, and their belief system.

According to recent research, the average couple remains in an unhappy relationship for almost SIX YEARS before seeking relationship counseling.

Making relationships is easier, but maintaining them is an arduous job. You need to continuously work on it for maintaining cordiality. Whenever you see danger signs in a relationship, it is better you rethink and resolve it there and then before it exaggerates.
Unfortunately, many couples seek professional help when the damage has been done.

You are not alone….

A lot of celebrity couples in Hollywood and Bollywood are seeking couples therapy to improve their relationships. This Psychotherapy can significantly improve the bonding between you and your partner. Couples who have taken couple therapy- #DaxShepard and #KristenBell, #KourtneyKardashian and #ScottDisick, #Tarek and #ChristinaElMoussa, #Pink and #CareyHart, #Patrick and #JillianDempsey

Dr. Mahi Khandelwal, a clinical psychologist at IASH, INDIA, is a relationship counselor that provides relationship counseling online. She has extensive experience in dealing with all couple problems and has saved many relationships from breaking.

If you are looking for relationship counseling nearby, then book an appointment with our counselor for the first free consultation online. Call Now

IS our couple therapy effective?

We are glad to announce that our online relationship counseling has helped many of our patients in exploring, identifying, and resolving the conflicts and problems in marriages and has improved their relationships.

If you will ask, Is IASH’s couple therapy effective?, we would like to say, Yes, the success rate of our couple therapy is more than 50 %

How do we provide Couple Therapy online?

Couple therapy/Clinical psychotherapy is intended to help individuals and couples resolve performance difficulties, such as performance anxiety or relationship problems. Online relationship counseling is almost similar to face-to-face counseling.

Different Types of Couple Therapy Sessions offered at IASH

Couple therapy depends upon the intensity of damage in the relationship and how discord the relationship is. The counselor chooses the best alternative method to cure the problem. IASH India provides the best relationship counselor for these therapies. In general, three types of a couple of therapy sessions are most commonly used at IASH:

How do we provide Couple Therapy online?
  • Behavioral Marital/Couple Therapy(BCT) in Jaipur

    This therapy analysis the partner’s behavior through the scientific method and then stimulates the responses best fitted for them

    • Better understanding in a relationship
    • It helps in managing the individuals
    • It can also help the partners seeking help for the de-addiction of alcoholism or drug abuse.
  • Integrative Behavioural Couple Therapy in Jaipur

    This therapy involves 2 major stages

    • Stage 1:

      An evaluation/feedback stage
      The first stage involves registration and pre-counseling to establish rapport with the patients. The evaluation form and feedback form helps in getting enough details about the patient to assess and diagnose the problem. Often, they start with questions about the patient’s health and intimate background, education, beliefs about intimacy, and the patient’s specific intimate concerns.

    • Stage 2:

      An active treatment Stage
      In this stage, the treatment gets active. After sessions relationship counselors prescribe exercises that help to mend the torn-out relationships.

      Such homework might include the following:

      • Experimentation– such as role-playing or using intimate toys, to increase their desire.
      • Sensate focus– is a sexual therapy that is about touching and being touched. This technique helps couples to build intimacy while reducing anxiety.
      • Education– Reading the related matter also helps in cultivating cordial relationship etiquettes.
      • Communication strategies– This exercise encourages the couple to increase communication with each other.

        Success with therapy often depends on how committed clients are to the process. If patients are willing to put in the effort, either alone or with a partner, they may reach their intimate goals.
        Duration of the therapy: It can last between 6 to 12 months

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) in Jaipur

    This relationship therapy has a unique empirically-based approach. The therapy consists of crucial 5 stages where both the partners learn to accept, express, regulate, make sense of, and transform emotion.

    Patients can choose to attend sessions alone or with their partners either online or in person.

    It’s normal for patients to feel anxious when seeing a therapist, especially for the first time. Many people have trouble talking about their intimate problems at all, so discussing it with a stranger may feel awkward.
    It’s important to know that a couple of therapy sessions do not involve any physical contact or activity between patients and therapists. Patients who feel uncomfortable with any aspect of therapy should speak up or stop seeing that particular therapist.

Who are relationship counselors and how do they help you?

Relationship Counsellors focus on providing supportive and non-judgmental surroundings to help you identify issues or problems in a relationship and find a way through those difficulties. There are also sex specialists who can help you resolve sexual problems in marriages.

Who needs Relationship Counselling or Couple therapy?

Metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and other urban cities have the highest demand for relationship counselors. The hectic and busy lifestyle has wrecked fragile relationships and now they all want to mend things.

Counseling in a relationship is offered to support people in relationships: The areas that are commonly addressed during marriage or relationship counseling are sex, infidelity, male infertility, gambling, chronic health issues, emotional distance, and frequent arguments.

Who needs Relationship Counselling or Couple therapy
  • Who may be considering separation
  • Having problems in their sexual life
  • Going through a distressing relationship
  • Want to spice up their married life.

Counseling in relationships for sexual problems can help Old, young, married couples, and single bachelors, to overcome their fear and dilemma. Whether you are straight or belong to the LGBT community, our sex experts can guide you to enjoy your sexual relationship with your partner.

Sometimes first-time sex doers also seek professional help and ensure better and happy performance with their partner.

IASH Jaipur provides marriage therapy in Jaipur. Our specialist and counselor are dedicated to building support and improving relationship functioning among two individuals. If you want to have discreet chat with our sex specialist you can book an online relationship counseling session with us.

After a successful Couple’s therapy

  • The couple can have improved quality of communication
  • They feel more connected,
  • They hear, and understand each other much better way
  • Enjoy a healthy and loving relationship once again.

What is the duration of Relationship counseling at IASH?

The duration of marriage counseling in Jaipur depends on the

  • Rigority of problems in between the couples,
  • Purposes the couples want to achieve and
  • Other social, physical, and emotional factors.

As per experience in IASH Jaipur, For most couples, improvements are noticeable after 3-5 sessions.

Amazing Tips by Relationship Counsellor of IASH, Jaipur

After providing umpteen online marriage therapies IASH Jaipur now specializes in providing effective treatments to solve marriage problems. Based on experience, here are amazing tips on how the couple can get connected and have a happy relationship.

  • Indulge in various sports activities, which enhances intimacy and team spirit.
  • Ask questions to your partner and answer your partner’s questions honestly like asking various personal questions(what is your favorite ice cream flavor)
  • Dedicate romantic songs with your partner, which you like the most.
  • Start reading your partner’s favorite books, which helps you to discover more about your partner.
  • Indulge in cuddling, spooning, and showing physical affection for each other.
  • It helps to improve each other’s mood, deepen a couple’s connection, and enhance intimacy with your partner.

There are many more exciting ways to rekindle the affection with your loved one ranging from simple conversation starters to complicated relationship therapies.

We at the Institute of Andrology And Sexual Health Jaipur are committed to solving your relationship problems and giving you both a fresh start to a more healthy and loving relationship through couples counseling.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I find a good relationship Counsellor?

Choose the relationship counselor near you. The counselor should be well qualified and experienced in handling even the complex relationship problem of couples. You can also google to see the best sex therapist near you for Relationship Counselling. A sex therapist may help you to resolve the sexual problems in the relationship.
If you’re unable to access a counselor nearby, you can also look into online couples’ Relationship Counselling as a viable option.

2. Does relationship Counselling really work?

Relationship counseling works for many couples. We are glad to announce that our online relationship counseling has helped many of our patients in exploring, identifying, and resolving the conflicts and problems in marriages and has improved their relationships.

If we are asked, Is our couple therapy effective we would like to say, Yes, The success rate of our couple therapy is more than 50 %

3. Is it possible to talk to a counselor online for free?

Yes, the first online consultation is free at IASH.

4. Is online Relationship Counselling effective?

Online relationship counseling is as effective as to face to face counseling.

5. How does relationship counseling help with Sexual problems?

Relationship Counselling for couples can help in

  • Improving erectile dysfunction: An effective couple’s counselor session can help to cure ED problems and can help in improving sexual drive.
  • Open communication: When you take up relationship counseling online, as a couple, you open up with each other and start expressing your likes and likes in bed. This eventually helps in getting satisfaction and improving the relationship.
  • Strengthened bonds: The counselor helps couples to understand each other’s perspectives and thus strengthen the bond between both.
  • Improve confidence: A happy personality is inevitable in a happy relationship. When couples are cordial with each other, it reflects their personality and confidence.

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