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First Time Sex Complete Guide to Make You Fearless

First-time sex is a very special thing in a couple’s life, which is full of excitement and nervousness as well. It is the time through which you can make new bonding with your partner, and that’s why you must enjoy the intimate moment with your spouse. There is no normal way or thing to one-size-fits-all age, relationship, or situation in which to experience sex for the first time. No matter how old you are or what the circumstances are, having sex for the first time can feel like a huge deal. Everyone’s experiences are different.

Even if your first time didn’t go as expected by you, there is no need to worry about it as it doesn’t impact your health and body.

First Time Experience

First Time Experience

Different people have different first-time sex stories. There are different experiences that a couple goes through while making intimate relationships for the first time. Being there is a lot more than just being physical. It is the primary contact that carries significance throughout the life journey.

“For some couples, the start is like a bumpy ride, while for some, it’s a road to nirvana.”

When it happened!!!!

“There was a couple who shared their first time when they were so nervous that the guy lost his erection too early. Even after trying more than time, they failed to attain satisfying sexual intercourse. On the other hand, a couple from Udaipur shared that on their first night, the female partner started bleeding, which made her so stressed that she didn’t sleep all night. And there was another young couple from Chandigarh, who shared that their first night was excellent and satisfying”.

What happens when you make physical contact for the first time in sex?

First-time sex is exceptional, especially if it is after your marriage and everyone wants this time to be perfect for them as well as their partner. You must enjoy the intimate moment to the fullest and not worry about your performance. It is time to make new bonding with your partner and make the night memorable. But it is also essential to know that your body undergoes various changes after the first night, including hormonal changes.

What Actually happens when you make physical contact for first time

Despite the sound effects, there are some people who get adverse effects after their first sexual intercourse. Suppose a couple has performance anxiety or stress. In that case, it may lead to a bad physical time, and sometimes, because of this pressure, the male partner gets premature ejaculation, which ruins everything. There are also various cases in which the female partner may bleed after physical intercourse.

Though a couple faces various difficulties during their first time, there is no need to worry about it.

We are here to solve all your bedroom problems. At IASH, India, we provide treatment for all sexual issues, including premature ejaculation and Delayed Ejaculation. Under the guidance of Dr. Chirag Bhandari, IASH has cultivated sexual wellness and resolved private male problems to make their sexual life active.

Sex guide for first-time Sex

Follow these first-time sex tips to have a better experience:

  • Choose the right time
  • Accept embarrassment with a smile
  • Don’t experiment
  • Talk
  • Don’t hesitate to give tips
  • Be patient
  • Don’t pretend
  • Control your speed
  • Forget about your complexes
  • Don’t forget about the consequences
  • Lubrication 
  • Consent 

So what to expect from your first honeymoon?

So what to expect from your first honeymoon!
  • Enjoy the intimate moments
  • Make new bonding with a partner
  • Even expect stimulated Hormone levels

Don’t Panic

But sometimes you can also see the negative side of this. The adverse symptoms of first time sexual contact can be

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Tips on using condoms

In spite of the importance of condoms in reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy and performance-transmitted infections, many people are not taught how to use them correctly. Here are some tips for the safe, effective use of male condoms.

  1. Use a condom during every performance act. A new condom should be applied for every instance of penile-vaginal intercourse, oral performance, and anal performance.
  2. Inspect the condom package before opening it. Condoms have a shelf life and can deteriorate over time. It is necessary to check all the details about it on the packaging.
  3. Look at the condom before using it and avoid puncturing it. Do not use sharp objects to open the package. Make sure the condom does not have any holes or tears. Any holes and tears might result in pregnancy later on.
  4. Put the condom on correctly. Do not unroll the condom immediately after opening the package. Instead, place the condom at the tip of the penis (leaving space to collect semen) and slowly unroll it all the way to the base. Squeeze any remaining air out of the tip.
  5. Leave space at the tip. When a man ejaculates, his semen needs space to collect.
  6. Use a lubricant. A lubricant reduces friction, decreasing the risk of condom breakage.
  7. Hold the rim of the condom when withdrawing the penis. This can minimize the risk of leakage.

How can we improve sex life?

Click The Reset Button Of Your #Love & #Sex Life. Whether the problem is big or small, there are many things you can do to get your #LoveLife back on track. Your sexual health and well-being go hand in hand with your overall physical, mental, and emotional #Health. Communicating with your partner, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and just having fun can help you weather tough times.
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Is sex painful the first time?

Yes, several couples experience pain for the first time. Some women also encounter bleeding as well, which generally occurs because of the breaking of the hymen during sexual intercourse.

Painful sex is shared as it can affect both male and female partners. You or your partner can experience pain due to various things like infection, erectile dysfunction, Retrograde Ejaculation causes or any psychological issue as well.

Can a Girl Get Pregnant the First Time She Has Sex?

Can a Girl Get Pregnant the First Time She Has Sex?

Yes, there are chances that a girl gets pregnant after having sex for the first time. Each and every time a girl is having vaginal sex, she is at risk of getting pregnant if the male pattern is not using the protection. Pregnancy includes mixing sperm with the eggs in the female body, and even if a guy ejaculates near the girl’s reproductive part and sperm goes into her body, it can give rise to pregnancy.

First Time Pregnancy

The pregnancy success ratio might vary from body to body, but the chances of pregnancy when a female tries for the first time is 20%. After you reach a certain age as after 30, the percentage starts decreasing.
Is Infertility related to First Time Sex?

No, as we have discussed earlier, there can be many issues with an incomplete closure. You should not panic after the first time sex. It’s better to talk to someone or take a consultation to help you out.

Infertility is different…..

Infertility is different…..

The thing that prevents a female from attaining successful pregnancy is known as infertility. There are various reasons for infertility in females like blocked fallopian tubes, low egg quality, or some psychological issues.
It is also essential to know that females and males contribute to infertility which results in unsuccessful pregnancy. Various reasons can be seen in men like low sperm quality, count, and performance pressure that give rise to infertility.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari the best sexologist in Jaipur also treats all types of male infertility issues so that they can attain a successful pregnancy in no time. We at IASH, determine and analyze the root cause of the problems that cause pregnancy failures and then offer a customized treatment keeping in your medical history and conditions.

Take Away

Regardless of any shape, size, and gender, the first time is always special and can make love between the couple deeper and intensified. But it also comes with a set of expectations from both sides. That is why it is advised to prepare yourself for the first time to make it memorable for a lifetime. Here are some tips that will help you prepare yourself:

  • You do not have to pressurize yourself by the performance pressure and expectations of your partner. It is obvious to have a lack of confidence and nervousness your first time, but do not let it ruin things with your partner.
  • The second most important thing is not to compare yourself with other couples or people as it only results in bigger expectations.
  • Sex is a very awkward thing, which can sometimes be fun and sometimes stressful. If it is your first time, then you need to relax and enjoy it.
  • If you are not looking for a pregnancy, then make sure to carry a condom with you.

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