Sexually transmitted diseases(STD): Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Sexually transmitted diseases(STD): Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

How to avoid Sexually transmitted diseases(STD)

According to one survey, one out of every five males suffered from Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
CDC estimates about 4 crore people are affected by an STD every year in the world. And the most vulnerable age group is from 19 to 29
The only way to protect yourself is through complete abstinence. Obviously you cannot do so.
The three steps in preventing the spread of STDs are Talking to a specialist, testing it, and treating it.

Overview on STD

Full form Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Meaning of STD: Sexually transmitted diseases, popularly known as STD, are infectious diseases that can cause during the time he/she is having sexual intercourse with another person
Most vulnerable age group: 19yrs to 29yrs
Causes: The causes of STDs are bacteria, parasites, yeast, and viruses
Types: There are more than 20 types of STDs.
How to avoid: Antibiotics can treat STDs caused by bacteria, yeast, or parasites. There is no cure for STDs caused by a virus, but medicines can often help with the symptoms and keep the disease under control.

Sex is a phenomenal activity of every living thing. You cannot avoid it for a long period of time. People are becoming aware of it and are being experimental to make their sexual life exciting and healthy. Being aware and educated is the best way to avoid sex diseases. Talking with sex experts about the symptoms and taking timely treatment from doctors is one of the effective ways to enjoy sexual life without any diseases.

If a couple is having first-time sex then the chances of getting STDs is not any less as compared to a couple who had been active. Nonetheless, by taking some measures or precautions, you can save yourself from getting one of these diseases. A little step towards your sexual health can actually save you from big trouble.

What Does STD Mean?

STDs stands for Sexually transmitted diseases and it is a condition that a person comes into after getting into sexual contact with another person. STDs can be spread easily especially when you are not having protected vagina, oral or anal sex with the partner having STD.

Some Common Causes Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Some Common Causes Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are categorized by the organism that is responsible for the particular disease in a body. Mainly there are three types of causes- Virus, protozoa, or bacteria.

  • Bacterial

    The diseases spread by bacterial infections can easily be treated with the respective antibiotic that is made for them or we can say that it is a curable one. But one must know that if improper or inadequate treatment is given to a person can turn the table and might bring back the infection in the future.

    There is a possibility of reinfection if an inadequate treatment is given to the patient and the partner gets the possibility of getting one as well.

  • Viral

    Unlike bacterial infections, viral infections if given proper antiviral medication can easily be managed or minimized. Viral infections can be healed or removed completely from the body as they stay forever.

  • Protozoan

    Protozoan infarction is somehow the same with viral infection but they can be treated if the proper medication is given. Though the re-infection is still possible in the body.

Types of Sexually Transmitted diseases

Types of Sexually Transmitted diseases

There is a variety of STDs that you see from person to person but just like some other issues, here also you will see some most common infectious diseases that prevent a person from having sex with their partner-There are more than 20 types of STDs, including- Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, HPV(Human Papillomavirus), Syphilis, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma, STDs & Infertility.

  • Chlamydia

    One of the most prevalent types of STD reported among Indians that is caused by a particular type of bacteria is Chlamydia. And if not treated on time, it can also lead to infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease.
    There are no basic symptom of this type of infection but here are some changes that you might observe-

    • Pain while having sex and urination
    • A discharge of green or yellow fluid from the penis and vagina
    • Lower abdomen pain

    An untreated chlamydia woman can pass this infarction to her baby during the birth process which can make the child suffer from eye blindness and pneumonia.

  • Syphilis

    Another most common bacterial infection is known as Syphilis and it is very hard to inspect it at an early age.
    The first symptom of syphilis is to see a small round sore, called cancer. And it can develop in any part mainly the anus, mouth, and genitals. Though it is a painless sore but is very infectious.

  • HIV

    HIV is the most commonly spread sexually transmitted infection that you see around and one of the most harmful ones as well. HIV can cause huge damage to your immune system and surges the risk of cancer and other viral infections as well.
    But with the help of treatments, there are several people who are living with HIV without encountering AIDS.

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Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

There are chances that you might get an STD without any noticeable symptoms. Though there are some STDs that are seen with the following symptoms that can help you determine infection in your body.

Here are some basic symptoms of STD seen in men

  • Sudden pain during urination and sex
  • Bumps and rashes on the genitals, buttocks, mouth, and anus.
  • Discharge of white or yellow fluid from the body.

Here are some basic symptoms of STD seen in women

  • Any type of discomfort and pain during sex as well as during urination.
  • Abnormal bleeding from the vagina.
  • Getting infection around the vagina

How to Avoid Sex Diseases?

How to Avoid Sex Diseases?
  • Protection is Important

    Whether it is your first time or you’ve been doing it for a long time to avoid sex disease, it is important for each and every individual to protect themselves from unnecessary infections and unexpected pregnancy as well.

    There are some ways that can help you to avoid sex diseases while having sex for the first time:

    • It is important to use latex condoms especially for the people having first-time sex.
    • Make sure that your lubricant is water-based. And use the Condom during the entire physical intercourse.
    • Keep your personal tower or underclothing for cleaning.
    • Be assured that you and your partner are not having any STDs.
    • Having a proper conversation before having sex about your health condition is vital for every couple.
  • Cultivate Sexual Wellness In People

    Sexual health is not only the absence of a sexually transmitted disease but it is the presence of the awareness and knowledge of sexual health, the motivation of being sexually healthy, the proper communication between the partner about what to do, and what not to do, and many more. Sexuality is a very intricate part of development, community, families, and adults all contribute to supporting the young generation’s well being.

Adolescence is the age that is majorly affected by sexually transmitted diseases. Even though they have all the resources for knowing about sensitive topics, they are far away from the actual side. They grow in an environment that does not offer much information about the need for sexual health and those who do not give priority to sexually transmitted diseases. It does not just leave young people to handle the burden of sexually transmitted diseases but also results in young age pregnancy as well.

Dr. Chirag and other expert doctors are making every possible effort to make people understand the need of sexual health, and that’s why we at IASH, Jaipur provides a youtube chat show named as “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” to answer various unanswered questions about sexual health and to help people overcome their sexual issues in men.

Under the guidance of professional psychologists and sex doctors, we offer offline and online counseling sessions for people to solve their sexual health issues and dysfunctions so that they can live a healthy and happy married life with their spouse.

Can you get Sexually Transmitted Diseases from the first-time sex?

The most common question that arises in every young adult is whether they can get a sexually transmitted disease from having the first time sex with their partner or not? ‘Protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases is very vital and crucial for every person while having sex especially for the first time. Even if you are confident that you and your partner are doing it for the first time, it is better to be safe then regret later.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through oral, anal, or vaginal sex and that’s what makes it much more important to use condoms or other modes of protection like a dental dam. Even if it is your first time, there are chances that you might get infections like herpes, HIV, hepatitis, and genital warts if one of the partners is having one.

So even if you are a virgin or having the first time sex, there are chances that your body might encounter a sexually transmitted infection. And this makes it more important for you and your partner to talk about each other’s sexual health before taking any further steps.

Is the first-time sex painful?

When women have sex for the very first time then the intimation can be painful for her. Some women even have bleeding after having sex. But it not applicable for every woman as some of them don’t feel anything after sex.

The hymen is a thin piece of skin that covers the vagina of a female. Bleeding generally occurs because of the breaking of the hymen during sexual intercourse.

Can you get pregnant from first-time sex?

One of the most common questions that arise in every women’s mind is – If she can get pregnant from the first time sex or not?
And the answer to this question is- Yes, a woman can get pregnant from first-time sex. Every time a woman has sex with a man, she has a chance of getting pregnant. If the male partner ejaculates outside the vagina or near that area then there might be a chance that the vagina pulls it in then also she can attain pregnancy.

How to avoid Sexually transmitted diseases(STD)

The Takeaway of Blog

Going to a health clinic can help you confiscate your STDs
Going to a sexual health clinic or hospital- Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health can help you manage your sexual health and problems related to it. We at IASH offer ideal consultation and guidance related to sexual health to help you overcome your personal issues like unplanned pregnancy, Sexually transmitted diseases, male and female infertility, and whatnot. With a team of highly professional sexual health experts and doctors, we treat each and every aspect of male and female sexual health under one single roof.

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