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Goals and Importance of Sex Education for Youth in India

The popularity and ratings of the Netflix Drama” Sex Education for youth is proof of how today’s millennial wants to learn about Sex and not preached about it. The series is about Otis and his pal Eric and their knowledge about sex,(thanks to Otis’s sex therapist mom), which ends up having a sex specialist clinic at their college.

The deepest and most taboo subject “ sex” needs to be understood as a biological need. It is very important that today’s youth acknowledge it and understand its significance in life. With proper sex education, we can see a significant drop in porn addiction, rape cases flesh trade, and many other evils in society, which are just aftermaths of uncontrolled desperation of human phenomenal activity.

What is Sex Education?

What is Sex Education?

The naive teenage mind is intrigued and wants to explore and expand. Today’s youth have access to all sorts of content on their palms. It is far scarier when they dwell in the manipulative content and allow themselves to get affected by it. It becomes even more important to introduce sex education for youth in such an era where everything is so open. Today’s youth need to have knowledge of what is good and bad for them and society.

As adults, you can all relate to the fact that if you had knowledge about sex and sex-related things in your adolescence, things would have been different. Sex education for youth helps them to understand all the problems, myths and facts. It also helps them in gaining information and motivation for making healthy decisions about their sexuality and sexual desires. It helps them have proper control over their desire and helps them explore how to satisfy their physical needs in a healthy way.

What Are the Goals of Sex Education For Youth?

There are many risks involved if you are not aware of the basic function of the body, “reproduction”. The ultimate goal of sex education for adults and youth is to protect them from the risk involved in sexual exploitation.

What Are the Goals of Sex Education For Youth?

How do both bodies work differently? Why do feel we attracted to the opposite sex? How can we have safe and healthy sex? Why is being sexually aroused? And how can we handle it?

Sex education should be able to answer all the questions popping in every teen’s mind. As adults, We can’t shy away and hide behind silly excuses of crows and cats and think that they will learn naturally.

Sex education is given mainly to the youth as they are the ones who need to understand the importance of sexual activities the most. They undergo various unusual sexual changes and desires in their body that are not known to them. The main goal of Sex Education for Youth is to make them understand their sexual behaviours and be aware of the risks related to them.

Apart from youth, even adults need to have proper sex education to enjoy intimate moments to its fullest. With proper sexual awareness, we can also have gender equality and protect from various STDs ( sexually transmitted diseases).

sex education for youth

What’s the State of Sex Education In India?

Sex Education for either youth or adult is a taboo in a country such as India with its rich cultural traditions and ethos.

“A study on child abuse in India, conducted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, stated that 53% of boys and 47% of girls surveyed faced some form of sexual abuse. Therefore, FLE might help the vulnerable young generation to be aware of their sexual rights and empower them to protect themselves from any, sexual abuse, the undesired act of violence, and molestation.”

The sex education for youth and adult programs in India popularly known as “family life education” (FLE), will help the men and women of urban and rural areas to understand the role of each other towards each other and will cultivate sexual awareness to maintain healthy sexual life. While the program is hard to roll in complex cultural belief systems and stigma about sexual topics in Indian society.
India is a country that holds the largest adolescent population ( which is 50% of the 243 million population living in urban areas). These figures and numbers can easily elaborate on the need to address the importance of sex education for youth with this considerable amount of figures in a country.

Sexual health is considered to be the most sensitive issue and there are still some states and cities where people feel awkward if asked to share sexual health in public. There are people who still feel that talking about personal things is taboo. And because of these issues, it becomes hard for youngsters who suffer from major hormonal changes and experience developmental changes in their body and mind at the start of their adulthood to share their issues.

These unresolved issues in the future give rise to various negative sexual health outcomes in males and females and give rise to various sexually transmitted infections, unsafe abortions, and pregnancy as well which adults are not capable of handling.

Why sex education for men or women is important in Indian society?

Indian society lack when it comes to sexual health as there is still discomfort and hesitation for sharing sex-related information with others in public. Because of this lack of knowledge, people take sexual health very lightly, which in the future gets back to the.

Sex education is important as it makes the male and female understand how their body undergoes various changes that they encounter after adolescence.

The need for the FLE program in India is due to

  • High rise in Rape cases,
  • Rise in cases of anxiety among youth,
  • Rise in cases of mental issues due to improper hormonal challenges,
  • Too much exposure to porn and adult content,
  • Increase in consumption of junk food and bad eating habits,
  • An increase in smoking and drinking habits among youths,
  • Awareness of the LGBT community,
  • An increase in divorce cases due to sexual problems,
  • Rise in infidelity cases among married couples due to sexual dissatisfaction

IASH is dedicated to creating sexual awareness in India

Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health is one of the leading sexual health and wellness centres in Jaipur & Delhi led by Dr Chirag Bhandari. He is a well-known sexologist who is continuously making efforts to change society by making people aware of their sexual health. With a team of highly professional sexual health experts, we treat all aspects of sexual dysfunctions to help people overcome their sexual issues.

Dr Chirag and other expert doctors are making every possible effort to make people understand the need of sexual health, and that’s why we at IASH India provide a youtube chat show named “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” to answer various unanswered questions about sexual health and to help people overcome their sexual issues.

Under the guidance of professional psychologists and sex doctors, we offer offline and online relationship counselling for people to solve their sexual health issues and dysfunctions so that they can live a healthy and happy married life with their spouses.

We know that not all sexual issues in men can be treated with surgeries and medication but also with counselling and therapies. Under the surveillance of Dr. Chirag Bhandari the Best Sexologist in Delhi, we offer special therapies for treating sexual illness and problems, including a couple of therapies.

If you are also having doubts or want to ask about any sex-related issue, you can call us to get a consultation over the tiniest issue with professional sex doctors. We listen to your problem and provide you with the best solution for it to make your life better both sexually and physically.

Some Popular Sex Education Questions

Some Popular Sex Education Questions
  • How do I have sex?

If you are talking about intercourse, then it is done by inserting the male reproductive part into the female ones. But for doing that you need a partner who wants to do the same activity without any hesitation with you.

If you are having sex for the first time with your partner, then they’re the best thing is to talk to your partner about their expectations and thoughts and positions. You do not have to imagine anything; you can ask them what they want and how. After that, both the partners must get sexually aroused both mentally and physically as it is vital for making the love bond. Physical arousal is necessary for sex as it makes the penis hard and the vagina to get wet, it creates sensations in all the body parts that excites both the partners.

Physical arousal can be done through various actions like kissing, touching, cuddling, and embracing each other before having sex.

  • What do you mean by sex?

Every single person defines sex in different definitions and experiences, but the experts define it as an intercourse between two people who happened to like each other.

But if we do for a detail definition, then it can be said that –
Sex is any action that two people perform to get physically aroused or evoked to satisfy their sensual feelings, the feelings that make you get erotically charged for any particular person. And according to this definition, it can be said that any acts like masturbation, chats that involve sharing of erotic experiences, including oral and manual (by hands), including intercourse, can be referred to as sex.

  • How does it feel to have sex?

Sex is a thing that makes every person feels different that actually depends on what kind of intercourse they had and the extent of arousal they get from sex with their partners. Sex makes people feel physically aroused and gives them extreme pleasure and sensations flood in their bodies.

But on the other hand, for some couples, sex can be frightening and painful with a bad experience. Sometimes sex can be painful, especially when the partners are not physically aroused. Many couples have sex even before they are not ready and without any excitement, which leads to unsatisfied sex. Because of that, it is necessary to have basic information on how to have sex and compatibility for getting a pleasurable time.

  • Why does sex hurt?

The answer to this question varies and depends on who asks the question – the male partner ( the one whose anus is inserted into) or the female partner (whose vagina is inserting).

When it comes to the male partner, the main reason it hurts to have sex is insufficient lubrication. It is advised to use lubrication before having anal sex. If you do not have enough lubrication, then it might result in friction and pain.

But for the female partner is the insufficient arousal that causes pain. The female body reacts to the arousal as the blood flows to the genitals. This arousal brings the changes of the genital touch to make the insertion pleasurable and satisfying.

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