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  • Sex Drive for Men – A User Guide for Indian Men

    What is Sex drive?

    Sexual drive Meaning

    Sex drive for men is nothing but, in general, the interest in doing sexual activities with their partners. One of the most important terms related to sex is the male sexual drive. Various studies and stereotypes have stated that men are the ones who can be categorized as sex-obsessed machines. Various facts, movies, and even some characters clearly show that it is the men who are crazy about sex whereas women are the ones with emotional feelings.

    Every person has their own sex drive, and that is normal. But there are some factors which are considered to be high or low. These factors may lead to some issues for that you have to take treatment. In the article below, you will learn about sex drive for men in detail.

    What happens when men’s sex drive is low?

    ‘Low libido is the term used to define the lack of interest in sexual desire”

    Sexual drive is the interest or craze with which a man do sex with his female partner. If the male or the female partner is not interested in sex, then there is no way they can attain pleasurable sex without any discomfort. Here, we will discuss all the topics related to males’ sex drive and desires.

    Low libido’ is the term used to describe a lack of interest in sexual activity. A combination of biological, personal, and relationship factors affects sexual desire or libido.

    Sexual desire is different for each person and may change over time depending on what is happening in a person’s life, and low libido may not be seen as a problem for some men. However, if a man loses interest in sex for no apparent reason and worries about it, talking to a doctor may be helpful.

    The hormone that is necessary for fabricating sexual desire is testosterone. Testosterone makes the muscles and bone mass solid for pleasurable sex, and testicles mainly produce it.

    Low Libido issues because of Low testosterone hormone in the body, which is between 300 to 350 nanograms. The primary hormone responsible for these fluctuations is testosterone.

    Symptoms of Low Sex Drive For Men

    Most of the symptoms resulting from the low-sex drive are related to psychology because, eventually, the low desire is not considered a physical issue. Low sex drive is the low interest that a man faces in doing sex. Here are the significant symptoms that result in a low sex drive for men:

    • The mental health issues like stress and depression, mainly before having sex.
    • If due, by any chance, the female partner gets hurt while having sex, it can be possible that low libido is the reason behind it.
    • The low count of testosterone levels in males is directly related to the low sex drive and losing interest in having sex pretty often.

    Some other symptoms of Low sex drive for men are:

    • Endocrine disorders: Male sex hormone levels could drop due to an endocrine condition.
    • Certain Medication: Your libido may be impacted by several drugs. A few antidepressants, antihistamines, and even blood pressure drugs, for example, might make erections difficult. Your doctor might be able to offer a substitute.
    • High blood pressure: A man’s capacity to achieve or maintain an erection might be negatively impacted by vascular system damage.
    • Diabetes: Diabetes, like high blood pressure, can harm a man’s vascular system and impair his capacity to keep an erection for long periods of time.

    Effect of Low Sex Drive On Men

    Low sex drive can lead to a vicious cycle of physical and mental side effects on a person, including erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual drive problems in which a man finds difficulty maintaining erections necessary for sex.

    Not only physically, but low sex drive makes a person suffer from adverse mental health traumas like depression, anxiety, and stress. Low libido is a blemish that can destroy the whole married life of a couple in seconds.

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    Treatment For Low Sex Drive For Men

    With the success of advanced medical science and psychology, doctors have made it possible to solve low Sex drive issues in males to assemble the broken parts of a relationship with their partners with a permanent solution. Several medications are known to improve the sex drive of a man successfully. Several drugs like statins, beta-blockers, and antidepressants maintain the hormonal level necessary for sex drive.

    • Sex Drive Boosting Supplements

      Some supplements and medicines are proven effective for treating low sex drive to bring back the desire and interest in men to have sex again. The following supplements are shown to intensify the sexual desires in males with no harmful side effects: Tribulus, Maca, Red Ginseng, Saffron & Fenugreek.

    • Sex Drive Pills For Men
      Not only supplements but proper medication can enhance your sex drive with extraordinary results. The most effective pills proven to be the best for the issue are Kavipa Vigor Max Capsules and GNS Capsules. read more about how to increase sex stamina with medicine
    • Therapies

      Not all issues need medications and supplements for better functioning of our body

    • Exercise

      By doing regular exercises and sports, you can overcome the low libido issues with a permanent solution without any medications and food.
      Effective exercises to improve libido: Weight Lifting, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Swimming, Kegels.

    • Food

      A proper food diet is always beneficial in making our body function correctly and effectively. Certain fruit items like avocados, bananas, and figs are the best ways to get a better sex drive. Another outstanding food that has been a symbol of sexual desire is chocolate. It is not only because of its great taste but also has a high power to increase sex desire in males.

    What Happens When Sex Drive Is High

    Not only low, but some people face strong sexual desires at any point that can be described as a high libido issue. There is no point in getting all stressed out as several men face the same problem. High libido issues are a little challenging to elaborate on as some people consider high sex drive as a desire for sex every day while someone else’s high drive is having the desire for sex every week.

    High sex drive results from various hormonal changes in the body, but the leading cause of high libido is the high amount of chemicals in the brain known as neurotransmitters. It includes high levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

    When the sexual drive of a man increases, his desire to have regular sexual intercourse increases, eventually affecting his mental and physical health. You start feeling dependent on your sexual behavior, and when you don’t get what you desire, you feel anger and depression.

    Symptoms of High Sex Drive For Men

    • You get sexual desires more often towards the partner to have sex.
    • You try to control your desire to have sex, but instead, they start controlling you and your behavior. In other ways, you have no control over your mind.
    • You start hiding your sexual behavior from your partner and other people.
    • You use sexual activities to overcome the stress and problems from any bad things that happen to you.

    Effect of High Sex Drive On Men

    High sex drive in a male can lead to various adverse effects on a men’s body as they lose control over their body and mind. It can negatively impact all areas of your life, like your relationship with your spouse, work life, and health.

    When you do not get what you desire, it is obvious to feel angry and irritated. And you use the anger to cover your sexual behavior from your partner and other people.

    Treatment of High Sex Drive For Men

    • Therapies

      Hormonal therapies are another effective way to treat sex drive issues in males. The hormonal level necessary for pleasurable intercourse is maintained with the therapies to make sex comfortable. Hormonal therapies are used to manage the level of testosterone, estrogen, and prasterone essential for good sex.

    • Exercise

      By doing regular aerobic exercises, you can increase your stamina and immunity to get satisfying sexual time. These exercises, like Kegels, yoga, swimming, and strength training, can improve your body image and also helps in improving your mood.

    • Food

      Home remedies are known to be the most effective as they do not have any side effects on the body; they also have a very impactful result. Food items rich in vitamins E, A, and C are majorly responsible for improving sex hormones in the body.

      Other food items like eggs, saffron, steak, and coffee are also rich in Vitamin B and protein to boost sexual immunity.

    Why Sex Drive For Men Is So Important In India?

    Birds, animals, and even bees do, and so do humans. Various studies have shown that sex drive in men is way stronger than in women and much more straightforward. Women are the ones that are connected with emotions in a relationship, and that’s why men are the ones who are responsible for having pleasurable intercourse.

    Sexual drive is indispensable for satisfying intercourse with your partner as it is the male partner who seeks the responsibility of the sex.

    The other reason why the sexual drive is so important for Indian men is they take it as a matter of pride.

    A man with a low sex drive is considered impotent or falls prey to many cases of abuse and sarcasm. The pressure to perform is why libido has become necessary for men to have a good sex drive.

    We are not entirely educated youth about sex and sexual activities. Hence we have several misconceptions about the entire phenomenon. We also don’t regard this subject as a point of discussion and follow the old saying that men must master the bed. At the same time, sex is a process of exploration for humankind. When two people involve in sex, they manage their hormonal changes and grow mentally, physically, and emotionally.

     Sex Drive And Pregnancy Are Related(Myth Or Reality)

    Pregnancy and sexual drive are related, and it has a major significance in pregnancy. High and low libido issues are usually sexual issues in a couple.

    If a woman is pregnant, she undergoes various hormonal changes in her body, which also affect her sexual desires. Mainly, the higher the level of progesterone and estrogen, the female body, as well as the higher level of blood flow to the genitals, are responsible for increasing sexual desires in a woman.

    There are some famous shows, including “FRIENDS” that show how a female gets erotically charged after her trimester and gets sexual desires for every person she meets. It is important to know that not all women encounter the same sexual desires, but around 90% of the time, the fact is true for pregnant women

    Is There Any Way To Test Sexual Drive?

    Though there are no specific tests to diagnose sexual drive in a person and its numeric measurements, one can understand sex drive in terms of the interest with which a person has sex with the opposite sex.

    Generally, low sex drive is seen in a person because of low libido and sexual problems. The male libido consists of two parts in the brain- the first is the cerebral cortex, and the other is the limbic system. These two parts play a vital role in their sex performance and desire.

    Knowing that several other parts of the brain are involved with a person’s sexual desire is essential. You need a sexologist that can help you in testing sexual drive.

    The Food You Should Consume In Low Sexual Drive

    A good diet with healthy food is always beneficial for sex. Not only does it keep you fit, but it also improves your immunity and boosts your sexual desire. You must consume food rich in proteins and iron as they are known to increase the validity and mobility of the sperm. Some of the best food items best for improving sexual drive are walnuts, chocolate, avocado, strawberries, and coffee.

    Eating food with fewer spices and more nutrients values like green vegetables and salads are add-ons.

    Take Away

    You must consult a male sexologist in Jaipur at IASH India for low libido treatment in Jaipur. If you think you are suffering from low libido or low sexual drive. It is essential to rule out any physical cause for the same by taking a detailed sexual history, physical examination, and doing some blood tests. If no physical cause is identified, it is essential to consult a clinical psychologist with good experience treating desire problems.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is the Normal Sex drive for a man?

    Ans. As per the study the young man desire to have thought of having sex 19 times per day.

    Q2. How many times a day does a man get hard?

    Ans. The average number of erections experienced by people with penises each day is 11, with three to five more occurring at night. Your age, hormone levels, and lifestyle are just a few of the many variables that may have an impact on how frequently you become hard.

    Q3. What is the right age group for men to stop wanting sex?

    Ans. It is natural to notice a gradually decreasing sex drive for men as they age. Mostly the sex desire in men falls into their 60s and 70s. But sometimes, the low sex drive can be before the 60s because of underlying conditions.

    Q4. What is the right time a man should release sperm?

    Ans. There is no average or right amount of time a man should ejaculate. Ejaculating more frequently has more health benefits. Ejaculating how many time varies on age, relationship status, and health.

    Q5. Can a man stay without sex?

    Ans. A man not having sex for too long has no adverse health effects. If a person wants to express their sexual feelings, there is no right or wrong way as long as the partner consents. If you avoid having sex, then it’s okay; there is no harm to your health.

    Q6. How many times sex in a day is healthy?

    Ans. If you have sex daily, then it is not bad for you. Research suggests that frequent sex may help reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction. When it comes to sex, there’s no “perfect” frequency.

    FAQs - Dr. Chirag Bhandari

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Who is Sexologist Doctor?

    A1. A sexologist is a medical professional who specializes in the field of sexual health. I am Dr. Chirag Bhandari, a sexologist, and I have dedicated my career to diagnosing and treating various sexual health issues.

    Q2. How to identify a Best Sexologist?

    A2. To identify a top sexologist, consider their credentials, experience, specialization, patient reviews, and your personal comfort. I have extensive experience in treating sexual health issues and am dedicated to providing the best care possible.

    Q3. Why Choose Dr. Chirag Bhandari for the treatment of your Sexual Problems?

    A3. Choosing Dr. Chirag Bhandari means choosing a dedicated and experienced sexologist who is committed to addressing your sexual health concerns. My clinic provides personalized care and effective treatment options.

    Q4. What is the Consultation Fee at Dr. Chirag Bhandari's Clinic?

    A4. Consultation fees at my clinic may vary. Please contact my clinic directly for specific information about fees and payment options.

    Q5. What is the duration of time slot for a Consultation at Dr. Chirag Bhandari's Clinic?

    A5. The duration of a consultation can vary depending on the nature of your concerns. Initial consultations may take longer as we gather essential information about your condition.

    Q6. Do I pay every time I undergo a Consultation?

    A6. Consultation fees are typically charged for each visit. However, we may offer package deals or discounts for multiple consultations. Please inquire at the clinic for more details.

    Q7. Do I need to Book an Appointment on the Scheduler of Website for an Online Consultation?

    A7. Yes, for online consultations, it is advisable to book an appointment through our clinic's website scheduler. This helps ensure you receive dedicated time for your consultation.

    Q8. I wish to proceed with an Online Consultation, what are the Steps ahead?

    A8. To proceed with an online consultation, visit our clinic's website and use the appointment scheduling system to book a convenient time. You'll receive further instructions via email or phone.

    Q9. Can masturbation have a negative impact on my overall health?

    A9. Masturbation is generally considered a normal and healthy sexual activity. However, excessive or compulsive masturbation may lead to physical or psychological issues. It's essential to maintain a balanced approach to ensure it doesn't interfere with your well-being.

    Q10. Is Sexual Disorders common?

    A10. Yes, sexual disorders are relatively common, and they can affect people of all ages. It's essential to seek professional help if you're experiencing any sexual health concerns.

    Q11. What are the Sexual problems that you Providing the treatment in clinic?

    A11. I provide treatment for a wide range of sexual problems, including but not limited to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, sexually transmitted infections, and more. Feel free to discuss your specific concerns during the consultation.

    Q12. How long does it take to get rid of premature ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction?

    A12. The duration of treatment for premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction varies depending on the individual's condition and the chosen treatment plan. It can take several weeks to several months to see improvements. We'll discuss this during your consultation.

    Q13. I am suffering with Penile Infections/ Balanitis/ Balanoposthitis/ STDs/ STIs/ Phimosis/ Paraphimosis.

    A13. Penile infections and related conditions require careful evaluation and treatment. I can help diagnose and provide appropriate treatment options based on your specific condition during a consultation.

    Q14. I am suffering with Sexual Dysfunction, what do I expect in my consultation?

    A14. In a sexual dysfunction consultation, you can expect a thorough assessment of your medical history, a physical examination, and a discussion of your symptoms and concerns. We'll work together to create a personalized treatment plan.

    Q15. What is a Level 1 Consultation for patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction?

    A15. The meaning of "Level 1" consultations can vary. At my clinic, a Level 1 consultation may involve an initial assessment and diagnosis of your sexual dysfunction. Specific details will be provided during your visit.

    Q16. What is a Level 2 Consultation for patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction?

    A16. A Level 2 consultation may involve a more in-depth assessment, additional testing, or a review of your progress. This level is determined based on your specific needs and the nature of your condition.

    Q17. I have already had so many bad and failed experiences with previous Clinics/ Doctors in my City/ Country, how do I trust Dr. Chirag Bhandari?

    A17. I understand your concerns. Trust is essential. I am dedicated to providing the best care possible, and I encourage you to read patient reviews and testimonials to gain confidence in my expertise. My goal is to help you achieve the best results.

    Q18. What are all the payment options available at Dr. Chirag Bhandari's Clinic?

    A18. We accept various payment options, including cash, credit/debit cards, and health insurance in some cases. Please inquire at the clinic for specific details about payment methods.

    Q19. Is the Consultation Fee/ Online Assessment Fee/ Treatment Fee Refundable or Transferable?

    A19. The refund and transfer policies for consultation fees, online assessments, and treatment fees can vary. Please discuss these policies with our clinic staff to understand your options.

    Q20. Can I get an approximate idea of the cost of the treatment?

    A20. The cost of treatment can vary widely depending on the specific condition and the treatment plan. We'll discuss treatment costs during your consultation, and our team will provide you with an estimate based on your individual needs.